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The Rowes Serving in Brazil

Information from DVD
Brazil Hospitality House: Project #605008
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Information from DVD
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In case you couldn't keep up with the written material on our home assignment DVD you can read it below.

Brazil Facts:

Brazil is the largest and only Portuguese-speaking country in South America.

It was colonized by Portugal from 1500 until independence in 1822.

Population:         198,000,000

Area:     Slightly larger than the continental United States

Capital:      Brasilia

Government:    Federal Republic

Official  Language:     Portuguese



World’s largest Roman Catholic country

Roman Catholic                 73%

Evangelical:                       18%

Animist/Spiritist                  5%

Cults/non-religious             4%

Some estimates  project that Brazil could be 50% protestant by 2050


Brazil Facts 2:

Third largest evangelical community in the world.

Lack of trained church leadership:    27,100 ordained pastors for

150,000 churches in 1990, a continuing problem.

It plays an increasingly significant role in global outreach by sending

cross-cultural  missionaries.


CW Strategic Ministry Plan – BRAZIL

Mission Statement

The Brazil field exists to partner with Brazilian churches in taking the

whole gospel to the whole world.


Priorities in Brazil

1.       Leadership training

2.       Evangelism and church planting

3.       Compassion ministry

4.       Training international missionaries

5.       Mobilization of local churches for global cross-cultural mission

6.       Short-term teams from USA to Brazil

7.       Evangelism, discipleship, and leadership  training to the deaf


Campinas Facts:

14th largest city in Brazil

Over 1 million people

Campinas Metropolitan  Region is the 10th most populous region of the country.


Rowe’s ministry in Brazil

Participate in preparing leadership to equip churches to share in the expansion of the gospel in Brazil and throughout the world.

Leadership development through theological education.

Participation in missions mobilization.

Local church ministry with a vision for church planting.

Volunteers in hospital chaplaincy.

Hospitality house ministry for children in cancer treatment.


“The missionary nature of Christ’s people is expressed through tangible expressions  of care and compassion  to those who are in need.  We witness to Christ’s love by loving.”  

Charles Van Engen  -  God Missionary People


House Facts:

Property:   4,596 sq. ft.

Construction:   3,282 sq. ft. house

Two stories

5 suites

Recreational room for children’s activities

One working office

Reception office

Large kitchen with two sinks

Visitor bathroom

Laundry area

Storage room

Solar panel water heating system



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