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David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association
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Welcome to a Ministry that is Making a Difference

Volunteers give a birthday party

Can one person make a difference in a child's experience with cancer? I believe that each of us who has united together in the ministry of the David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association would respond a resounding "Yes" to that question. With the coming together of each one we discover a unique capacity, as members of God's family, to do together what we could never do alone.

You are invited to continue your visit and learn of this unique Christian ministry to children with cancer who have been selected as bone marrow transplant candidates.

You will find a selection of other pages in the column at the left which provide further information related to this ministry.

Please contact us by e-mail with any questions, comments or reactions you have to the ministry or site. You will find easy access to us by e-mail at the bottom of this page. We would enjoy hearing from you!

Steve & Debra Rowe

David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association

The David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association hospitality home in Campinas, Brazil, has been functioning since March, 2001, and operates with a spirit of Christian ministry and compassion. Meeting unique standards of hygiene required for children who are bone marrow transplant patients, we are responding to their need to live in proximity to the hospital during this delicate process.

"If someone comes to know Jesus through this, it will all be worth it." This was a phrase that 9 year old David Rowe said during his first few days at Boldrini Hospital after he was diagnosed with leukemia, in June, 1994. The David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association is in many ways a reflection of this desire.

Steve & Debra Rowe are missionaries with Global Church Planting of the Baptist General Conference, serving in Campinas, Brazil.
This site is maintained by Steve for the purpose of maintaining communication with individuals and supporting churches interested in being better informed and in praying for the Rowe family and their ministry.

Steve is the first and current Executive Director of the ASSOCIATION, selected by appointment of the Board of Directors for a three year term, according to the constitution of the organization. Debra is the Director of Volunteers, directly responsible to the Executive Director.
Their participation in the ASSOCIATION is one of their approved Ministry Plans related to their role as missionaries with Global Church Planting of the Baptist General Conference.

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See the Brazilian website for this ministry in English/Portuguese