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The Organization
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David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association

Working together to meet a unique need

The David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association is officially registered in Brazil as a non-profit association, with its ministry located in the city of Campinas, in the State of Sao Paulo.

It's mission is to provide both a refuge of Christian hospitality and ministry to mothers and thier children with cancer who are in treatment at Boldrini Hospital or the University of Campinas Hospital. More specifically the focus is upon the needs of children in the bone marrow transplant program of these hospitals who need to remian close to the hospital yet live far away and thus need local housing during the months of treatment in Campinas.

The ASSOCIATION offers all room and board, transportation, and any pharmaceutical assistance absolutely free of charge. Those who come to our home also are made aware of our religious orientation, and of the spiritual support we offer.