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The Volunteer System
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David Rowe Evangelical Philanthropic Association

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Cassia, Steve & Zeze
Send off celebration for Anderson
Send off celebration for Anderson & Cassia

We are deeply grateful for the participation, direct or indirect, of all the people involved in the ASSOCIATION. This ministry is new and we are still evaluating and learning so that we can be better at what we do. We have noticed, for example, the importancy of working one on one. One volunteer teaching Romario (12 years old) how to play the guitar, another acompanying Anderson (11 years old)as he works on putting together a 1,500 piece puzzle. The idea of how we work is just this: volunteers accompanying and supporting the children and their families where we find those opportunities. It's important that after making their first contact, that continuity is given to the relationship, demonstrating continued interest and friendship. This happens when the volunteer prepares to be a friend. We have seen how willing children are to learn games, arts and crafts, open to going out to a shopping center, participating in a Bible study, and praying.

We are grateful because God has provided us with these and other opportunities to building relationship, even in the midst of a situation that demands careful control on actual contact between patient and volunteers, due to the precautions required because of the patient's health during the treatment. Due to the low resistance to infection that the patient often has, they must avoid risks of acquiring an infection that can easily come through contact or through the air. Rigorous orientation is given to the volunteers, and visits are monitored for the safety of our patients. We are very conscious of the need to protect them at the same time we seek to offer comfort and provide a context of loving relationships with people who desire to help. Thanks to the cooperation we're receiving, the ministry is functioning very well.

Visiting our guest in the BMT Unit
Visiting Anderson in the hospital

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